Easy Spending Lite is the most powerful expense tracker on the iPhone, and yet comes with an elegant and beautiful interface.
Cloud Sync
Provides seamless sync of data on all of your iOS devices with DropBox sync.
Account Transfer
Account Transfer
The account transfer feature allows you to transfer money between various accounts that you have. You can also set recurring account transfers
Google Upload
Google Drive upload
Upload your transactions on one or all of your accounts to your Google Drive account.
Backup / Restore
Backup / Restore
Backup and restore all of your data with a single tap, from one device to another, or while changing your iPhone / iPad.
Bill Reminders
Bill Reminders
You can use this as a bill reminder, even for recurring bills, so that you get notified of the bills to be paid, before a certain date.
Lots of currencies available
Unique Usability
Cool Gestures
Recurring Expenses and Reminders
Recurring Expenses and Reminders
Category Report
Category Reports
Timeline Report
Timeline Reports and Top Reports
App Security
Transaction History
Fast and Powerful Search
Email Transaction
Backup / Restore all data
What our users say
Don't just take our word for it! We think Easy Spending Lite is the best personal finance App you will ever use, and we think you will too!
It's easy to understand and use, can use for multiple accounts, and has a password to protect the account. Works great, no problems.
- T313131t
It's a cool little app. that shows you how to keep trap of how much money I have.
- ltrain02
This app is really great, works for what i need, great customizable category options to see exactly where youre putting your money. Great customer service, id recommend this app to anyone
- Kfenn1
Number one for sure
- Star.night
It's definitely the most user friendly app... I tried 4 apps simultaneously and that was the best in my opinion. It's great to have on your iDevice.
- Alexz1996
Love it! Very user friendly. Thank u!
- Haw'n time
Very user friendly app. Deleted my previous budgeting app after only two days of using easy spend.
- Tyrell Ferguson
Every time I make a transaction, i can quickly document it. Very fast to enter transactions or edit them. A great way to monitor expenses and income, or to set up recurring transactions. A must have in this time of economic stress.
- Louisiana Sunshine
It's handy just to write real quick what I spent. Also, the recent feature reminds me of what I spent the money on.
- Delta.esme
This App is great for the everyday balancing of your finances. I have several accounts that I juggle & this is just what I needed. Simple & easy to use, this is a keeper!
- GottaWiggle
Good Apps which able to keep track on the revenue and expenses.thank you
- Chai3440
With the start of the New Year, I promised to keep track of where my money was going. This is nice and simple. If I were to make a suggestion it would be that I could put beginning balances for my credit cards and over the course of the year I could see those amounts drop.
- Spicydish